Saturday, 31 December 2011

Let's get into the swing of things!

Hello readers,

Without further or do I will announce our "starting out" contest.
    A special part about this blog is that we would like to get you all involved, we know (from reading) that you all are excellent at blogging, so we want to take this opportunity to snatch you all....

We are looking for 3 winners of the blogging contest and one for the comment contest.

Contest runs from 1st January 2012 - 1st February 2012 (roughly)

Blogging contest:
You must be available to write a blog post once every 2 weeks & be able to send it via email. The only skills required are those of ones with imagination, blog posts must be relevant to American Girl. You can write about anything from your day at American Girl Place, or a photo story on Kanani's paddle board lesson! It's all about being inventive and exciting to read.

First place prize:
Mckenna Brooks (Accessories & 2 books)

Second place prize:
Mckenna Brooks (Accessories)

Third place prize:

Comment contest:
We understand how many great blogs there is out there, and we want to be apart of it, so we are going all lengths in this contest.
    One comment per person stating that you shared our blog and a link to where you shared it. Also a background story on why you think you should win will give you some brownie points.

First place prize:
Mckenna Brooks (Girl of the year doll & book)

Good luck!

Not so small print:

  • Must live with the USA or Canada to receive your prize, you may also enter for fun!
  • If under 18, you must have guardian consent to enter as address is needed to ship the prize.
  • You need to have about 30mins fortnight to annually do posts on time.
  • No explicit language or pictures, must fall into a family friendly category.
  • Have fun, there's no point doing something you don't enjoy!

*Feel free to post on your blog, include the link in your comment*



    Can't wait!!! :D

  2. Hi so I'm entering both Things But The reason I Think I should win Is all i asked for this Christmas if i could donate that came true but i really want a doll and i usually don't celebrate Christmas because my religion but That's ok well Good luck I am really a Person that Loves Taking Photos and Being me Playing With Dolls And Having fun!
    I Don't have a Link But here's my YouTube and Email: and YouTube is kananigoty

  3. This One Is for The Blogging; hi i'm Kanani Akina And I'm 12 Years Old Well if You haven't Already Knew I'm from Hawaii And Today At This Website Called american Girl they said I was Going To say aloha Before i Get Retired Since i Was the Girl of The Year But my Moms Name is "Maya" And I Love Writing That's my Personalty I Know i'm different Usually all The Other Kanani's Are GOTH or Popular Well I'm Kinda Popular and Kinda Nerdy I LOVE READING i am A Really Good Girl In Grammar my mommy Says But I'm really sad I'm being Retired from american Girl And There bringing this McKenna Girl (Madness) Hmmp I'm really Mad i mean I'm More Cute Right This Will Make Me A Better Writer And Reader I Really Hope This McKenna Girl Is Good Or ELSE I'LL KICK HER (turns red) Well I LOVE going n Vacation Mom took Me To CUBA its so much like Hawaii (day dreams) 5 minutes later Oh Yeah i forgot Hehe so I Really love Cuba i Used To Paddleboared There I Love Getting fit As you Can See.....but I'm also A Pig In eating hehe I LOVE FOOD YUM (grabs a cookie) (eats It)
    So yeah that was A Good Cookie mmmhmmm Thats Really Coolll ( Starts To Drool) yeahhhh (falls Asleep) WHAT! Oh Yeah sorry about That Well I'm Going To bed Its Pretty late 5:00 THATS SO LATE HEHE Good night! Thanks so Much for reading i Hope I Win ~KananiGoty Email :

  4. my email is

  5. I would really like to receive Mckenna Brooks because I have not gotten anything from american girl since I was 10. I am 14 now, but my passion for dolls is still the same. I have always loved dolls, but american girl dolls are just so expensive. Unfortunatly times are tough. And the economy isn't amazing. Unfortunatly because of that I am unable to aford to buy a $100 doll. Unless the money came out of my own pocket. I do not make an allowance, and I do not receive money from anyone. I have a VERY small family, so I am unable to afford a doll myself. I understand that it is silly to enter a contest just because you want something. But this is something I really want. Dolls are a special part of me, and I would love the oppertunity to make mckenna a part of my collection. Thank you for having this lovely contest, and giving everyone a chance to own this beautiful doll! You have a very good heart! Thanks a lot.
    PS. I shared your contest and blog on youtube. I hope thats ok. I didn't really know of another place to share it! If you'd like me to share it somwhere else to I'd be happy to! <3
    Here's the link to the video:)

  6. -I feel this is a wonderful contest and know whoever wins will greatly appreciate their doll. I am an adult collector and cherish each and every doll I have. I love setting up dioramas and photographing them.
    -My e-mail is

  7. It would be a great blessing if I got McKenna Brooks. She is a gorgeous doll and I asked my mom if we could buy her but she just paid for her car license and for her car. So she she is left with $3.33. Having McKenna means like so much to me and I have never went to the American Girl Place before. I haven't ordered from it online either. I do not own a thing from American Girl except for one American Girl Doll that I got at a Garage sale. But, she is missing some hair extensions. Plus I can not restring her because she does not have a string on her neck. Also she is very dirty and she had very frizzy hair! I can not help having her!! And I want a new doll badly! Thanks a lot Gee your awesome and the best person ever!! Here is my channel link-

  8. My blog is
    please read it! Oh and I'm using my best friend's blog that she gave to me!

  9. I'm going to enter both!
    Here is the link to the video I made for the entrance of the comment contest! I uploaded the video and shared the blog's link to tons of people! :)
    My blog post will be uploading soon!

  10. Why I think I should win:
    I think I should win because I think it would be an amazing opportunity! I think McKenna is a very pretty doll and it would be an honor to receive her! I would be SO grateful!

    And this is the link:

  11. Hi! I think I should win McKenna because she is such a beautiful doll & I would absolutley love to have her. I love her personality and she seems a lot like me when I was younger. She also seems to really inspire me to do my best at everything. Whether it's sports, school, or just playing a random game. This is my first contest of yours that I have entered so it would be totally AMAZING if I won! I haven't gotten a doll in quite a while and I feel like this is the first doll that I have been really wanting to get for some time. I would also love to have her because she has a unique look and looks nothing like any of my dolls. She seems photogenic, too which is perfect for me. Thank you SO much for putting this into thought. You don't know how grateful I would be if I got her.
    Here's my video on your blog -

  12. I shared your blog on my channel (bulletin).

    I think I should win McKenna because she is a gorgeous doll with amazinggg hair. I love her face mold, and I would have so much fun styling her hair and taking pictures of her. I used to do gymnastics when I was younger, and it was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for holding this contest <3

  13. Also, how exactly do we enter the blogging portion of your contest?

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  16. What is your email so I can send you my blog entry? :)

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  19. Dear Georgia,my name is Paula.I'm just a normal 13 year old.For my age its TEXT,TEXT,TEXT!! No,that not me i love dolls,American girl dolls.for my whole entire childhood i always wanted a American girl doll well i did for the first time last year but it was a used doll and i can't really afford a American girl doll.So, pretty much i never had my own new and never before used Ag doll & why can't i afford a American girl doll well my parents don't make as much now because of the tough time in the economy.The money that my parents get from there job is to put food on the table,pays bills,and my older brother's collage bills.For me the way i can get things is saving up and my parents don't give me money because they say i don't need that why i should win Mckenna but if i don't win than thats okay!other people need it more than me.HERES THE LINK TO WHERE I SHARED YOUR LINK TO YOUR BLOG:http:(// you for taking your time reading my comment:)

  20. I am so sorry but i got the link wrong here it is:

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  23. Hey Georgia, Sorry I keep deleting my comments. :S

    Dear Georgia,
    I think that I should win Mckenna, because she's actually alot like me in some respects. When I was Mckenna's age I was in gymnastics as well. And I enjoyed it very much! Until I too fractured my angle tobogganing, which prevented me from doing gymnastics, and I just eventually quit. Luckily Mckenna keeps going! I also think that Mckenna would be a nice doll to photograph, and dress in practically anything! I also love her bright blue eyes. And to win her would be awesome! And she would be even more significant because I won her and she'd be more special to me then just we buying her a random day of the year. :)

    my email is:

    Here's my video link:

  24. Hey Georgia! happy Belated Birthday!

    I think that I should win Mckenna is because I look EXACTLY like her. i mean same hair color. straight hair and the same length. Crazy, right?? And another reason why think I should win Mckenna is beacause she is really pretty and I will probally not have enough money to even buy her myself. If out of the blue that i randomly get her from my parents would suprise me.

    I hope i will win Mckenna Brooks!


  25. I think i should win because i love american girl dolls. but my family is going through hard times and its hard for me to urn money because im only 11. so i can't get a job, also my teachers are really hard on us and we have a BUNCH of tests coming up. also the reson my parents can't get me one is because they are bussy paying lots of bills. and because my moms parents died just a while ago. :( Also it's hard for me because i moved away from my best friend and she was the one who made me be me but now im not me. i us to be happy and my family was happy and i got an american girl doll. but now im stressed and my family is too. So i really hope i can win this american girl doll. but if i don't its ok who ever wins i'm happy for ~Bri <3

  26. hi! can i enter?

  27. I think I should win because I love McKenna and she is a bit like me. All my dolls don't look like me and I don't want a look-alike. I really think that McKenna is so cool! I will rename her: Mirum, which in Latin means wonder. I LOVE McKenna and want her so much!

  28. I think i should win because i love american girl dolls. but my family is going through hard times and its hard for me to urn money because im only 11. so i can't get a job, also my teachers are really hard on us and we have a BUNCH of tests coming up. also the reson my parents can't get me one is because they are bussy paying lots of bills. and because my moms parents died just a while ago. :( Also it's hard for me because i moved away from my best friend and she was the one who made me be me but now im not me. i us to be happy and my family was happy and i got an american girl doll. but now im stressed and my family is too. So i really hope i can win this american girl doll. but if i don't its ok who ever wins i'm happy for ~Bri <3 ( youtube name is: superstar3310001

  29. Hello. My name is Julia and my blog is
    My blog never has nothing to do with AG dolls. I post almost every day now. I am also entering in the comment contest.

    Hello Georgia!
    My best friend recently moved away and this doll reminds me ALOT of her. She has caramel colored hair blue eyes. I think Mckenna is a beautiful doll.My best friend was my only friend. Believe me when I say that. I am bullied at school BECAUSE I love dolls.I will never give them up though. I don't care how old I get. I can fend off the feelings. At my school, no one understands. Some AGTubers say they don't play with dolls, they use them as
    photography actors or whatever. They say that they aren't attached to their dolls. Well, I'll say, that for me, it isn't true. I love them. And I don't care if anyone says that's stupid. It's my life, and I'll make my own decisions because what I like to do doesn't necessarily have to be what they like or want me to do. I'll admit it, my dolls are like my friends.

    Thanks for the opportunity,


  30. Hi i'm Molly! I'm entering the contest!

    A Story about my dolls is:

    We went On vaction and I brought all four of my Dolls ice skating!!
    it was so much fun! (sorry I couldn't find any pics)
    My Blog is:
    It is all about Dolls!!! (I haven't posted things recent because things have been CRAZY!!!)

  31. Dear Georgia,
    First of all thank you for making this contest. Its a great way for girl who don't have alot for money to get a american girl doll. You have a amazing heart. God bless you Georgia. I think i should get McKenna because she is obviously a amazing doll. She has a great personality and she really inspires me to try my best no madder what happens to me. My dad is REALLY struggling with his job and my mom said that i can get a doll because there 105 dollers and we have to focus on bills, food, school, the house, and my sisters hurt ankle. My parents are having problems too. They keep on fighting about money and how we might not serve this year. I love dolls. When i make videos of play with my dolls all the fighting, struggling, money, and troubles go away. Its like im in my own world where there no problems and for once life is ok . I would be an honor to win you contest. Please consider my entry i want McKenna more than anything. Here is a link to my video
    Thank you Gee
    Love Faith!

  32. Here's a link:

    My family isn't struggling. We love each other. We're healthy and have a good education. I have three sisters so I'm never lonely. But along with sisters are fights. And sometimes, I just want to hang out with dolls. They're a lot less stressful than sisters & friends. You can tell them whatever you want, and make them do all sorts of things. And here's the truth. Dolls are my best friends. I've grown up with them, and that there is a bond between dolls and me that cannot be broken. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to buy any more dolls, but I really want McKenna more than anything right now. Her ocean blue eyes, her caramel hair, and her heartwarming story complete her. For a girl my age, all they'd do is text & hang out with friends, but I'm not ready for that because dolls are a part of me that no one can ever take away from me.

    Thanks so much Georgia! :) <33
    - Skye

  33. My blog is:

    It is STRICTLY dedicated to AG news and product reviews (coming soon!) But I have a journal filled with ideas for new posts!

    I love McKenna in particular, and find her so beautiful and unique. I just started my blog, but if you choose me I would be happy to redirect my viewers here! Thanks so much for posting this competition because I want McKenna but my mom says she can't afford it right now; my parents are divorced and times are hard, money is tight. I take acro dance, which uses many gymnastics moves, so I was so excited when McKenna came out!!

    My email is:

    I DO have a parents consent, and am totally able to write 2 posts a month; I often write 2-3 posts a DAY! Sorry things have been a little slow on my blog, but I've had crazy school work. It's all calmer now, and I'll be up and blogging again quite soon!

    I also live close to one of AG's stores (Chicago) and go there about twice a year, I also visit there website for new content daily!

    I know I am not 11 or 12, which is when most people start thinking AG is "so old" and for little kids, but I'm truly still in love with it, I have such a passion and cannot understand why some people outgrow them! I want to be a collector as a adult, and display them in my house. Having McKenna would be SO nice, and I hope you take my "entry" into consideration!
    Thank you!!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. I posted my comment entry and shared your blog on my blog, but I have a question for you, Georgia-
    how do you enter the blogging contest? Do you read the comments and choose 3 bloggers and 1 "comment" winner? I was slightly confused, and just wondering, because I would LOVE to enter your blogging contest AND comment contest, and would like to make sure I have done both! Also, when are winners announced, and do you contact the winners before posting it on the blog site? Thanks for reading this, and please contact me here:

    Like I said, my comment and reason why I would love to win McKenna are posted in the comment directly above this one!

    Sorry if I have been unclear, so just to clarify one more time- could you please answer these questions:
    Does one comment enter both contests?
    If not, how do I enter the blogging contest?
    When are winners announced?
    Do you post the winners here, e-mail them, or both?


    Personally, I believe that I should be considered to recieve McKenna because my family has been going through rough times, my Cousin has been to Rehab numerous times for Drugs. Photography is my passion, and McKenna is very Photogenic. When I grow up, I want to be a Photographer, I want to be successful. I want to show my cousin that I still will stand strong, and that I will always love him. However, I know that many people have it worse than I. So please, chose the person who deserves it the most. There's always someone out there that needs it more than me.

    If I do happy to recieve this wonderful gift, you can reach me at

    Thank You for taking your time reviewing my comment. Great Blog, its Beautiful<3

  37. hi im a 10 year old and i saw your video on youtube to win mckeena i think i should win her because i dont have any american girl dolls and my birthday is tommorrw and my mom said she is not buying me any mor dolls so if i win i will sub to you on youtube and also like thanyou jada

    1. i really need this but know im not gong to win

  38. I posted it on my blog I think i should win because i love collecting American girl dolls. I have 5 dolls and i would love to have a sixth!

  39. I would like to enter both contests! My blog address is! I posted about your blog on my blog! Here is the link:
    I think I should win because I love AG dolls so much! I have been of fan of AG since I was about six and now I am 17! McKenna would make a great addition to my collection! If I ever have nieces or daughters, I plan to share my dolls with them as well! AG is a great company and you are never too old for dolls! I have my mom's permission to enter! Thanks for having this wonderful contest!

  40. Hallo! I would like to enter your blogging contest. :)
    I LOVE McKenna, and my dolls would love a new sister.

    ~Spicy Muffin

  41. I would like to enter! I posted about your blog here
    I think I should win McKenna because I LOVE American Girl dolls! My whole room is dedicated to them. My dolls(and me) would love to have McKenna come to live in my doll town,Sweet Pea Cove.

  42. Hi! I posted about your blog on mine here is the link...

    I would love McKenna because she is so pretty! I promise I will take good care of her! :D Thanks for hosting the contest!


    P.S. How do I enter the blog contest?

  43. I'm not sure what email to send my blog post link to, so I'll post it here. :)

  44. I would like to enter the blog contest. I don't know which email so I posted it here. :)

    I hope you like!

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1. If I do win you can contact me at or

  47. Hey Georiga!
    I am entering your comment contest for Mckenna! This is a link to a little commercial I made for your blog:
    Why do I want to win Mckenna? Well I can relate to her struggles. I have a learning disability and have trouble reading too! I thought it was so inspirational that AG came out with a doll who was not picture perfect. I want Mckenna because I want a doll whose story can relate to mine.
    Also, I am planing a series called "If Looks Could Kill" and she would make the perfect "Audacity Malone" and she is my spitting image :) and she is a athlete :) and I think she's awesome :)
    Email me at or message my youtube account hope823. Thanks for doing this contest!

  48. hi! i wanna win, but when are the winners announced?

  49. i would like to win mckenna brooks, because i only have one doll, and plus i lost the liberty jane contest, which really bummed me out. :( but, here i am again, wanting her realllllllyyyy bad.

  50. I would like to win McKenna for my little sister, because she has always wanted an American Girl doll, but our family can't afford one. I would love to see the happy look on her face if she got McKenna.

  51. Oh and I also followed your blog and made a post about it on my blog. ( does that count as sharing your blog?) my blog is

  52. I would like to win Mckenna Brooks for my cousin. her Birthday is coming up and her family can't afford really nice presents. I would like to give her the doll to her on her b-day March 24th 2012.

  53. i really would love to wim mckennna because my family has absolotly no money and i only have 1 and 1 of her legs is gone and she has a ton of markings on her so i use my sisters doll but i get in troble when i do :'(

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